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Website Hosting is a process where you flag a place for your organization, in simple words assume you wish to run a business but first you need to buy a property or a shop online. Web Hosting is that shop or a property you buy from the hosting vendors to showcase your business online. As being the Website Hosting solution provider, we make sure that your performance and digital stability is kept in mind as per your business requirements. We make sure that the platform created for your business organization is safe worldwide so that you can enter new markets to grow yourself.

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We have mentioned earlier that Web hosting is an important step moving towards your digital life experience. So, we think the best way to handle this process is to give it in the hands of the skilled crew who are well trained in how to deal it with exactly. As a domain registration and web hosting company, we are having the best of the rest crew who are skilled in understanding the client requirements and suggesting the web hosting options suitable for their business.   

Moreover we also assist you with the following services:

  • Domain Name Registration
  • Website Hosting
  • SSL Certification
  • Email Services
  • Dedicated, high-end servers
  • Email Server
  • Server Management


Most frequent questions and answers

We provide Shared, Virtual Private Server (VPS), Dedicated Servers also other options of Hosting.

A VPS hosting simply states that it is a dedicated server within a shared hosting environment. Technically they both are shared hosting and dedicated hosting with guaranteed resources which are allocated for you. VPS are cost-effective solutions for mid-sized eCommerce, hosting. You can host multiple websites under VPS hosting.

shared web hosting services simply mean you get a certain part of total available resources to use. Multiple domains are hosted on a single server, this simply means that the server’s capabilities are shared among multiple domain users. Profitable only for small sized businesses.

Yes all the servers that we provide carry a minimum contract. Its changes as per the web hosting plan is chosen. It can be monthly, quarterly, semi annually or annually.  

You can pay monthly or for 1, 2 or 3 years directly. If you decide to pre-pay, we wave of service charges and provide you great discounts. You can pay us via Digital modes, Cheque or RTGS mode.

We usually need three business days to allocate a new server for you after the order is placed successfully.

Yes we do provide backup services for our dedicated servers. We have large capacity HDD drives that can be used at cost-effective rates as a backup drive to store your backups. We do provide a second option for more details contact us. 

Yes we do. Please contact for more information regarding E-commerce Hosting Solutions.

Some hosts claim to offer ‘unlimited’ space. The reality is that unlimited space is actually nothing but a marketing strategy. The host will eventually face large number of other restrictions which prevents you from actually using that so called unlimited disk space. We prefer to be crystal clear about space allocations, with one hundred percent transparency between our clients. We focus on quality on priority basis, and we make sure the client gets what they have paid for.

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