Creating a Reliable Presence on the Digital Platform using SSL/HTTPS Certificates.

Several people have started linking their businesses online due to the due to the outbreak of Novel Corona Virus. People designing their websites on their own make several mistakes. One of the major mistakes we have seen is not choosing a secured network, which simply means the extension of the website is not secured. These websites can be hacked by professional hackers easily moreover chances of malware attacks increase. When we carried out a survey online 93 out 100 people choose secured websites to browse. You may be running a small business or a large one, but people will visit your website only if they feel their personal information or bank details are in safe hands and are not being tampered. The SSL certificate gives the assurance to the user and creates a very professional impression online.

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At Vrending, we understand the significance that creates a honest impact after looking at the green padlock in the url section. That symbol is a digital reputation of your website. SSL certificate states to your visitors and google that any data shared on your website is safe and encrypted. This not only gains trust of your customers, but HTTPS websites are more likely to rank fast on google and other popular search engines. SSL certification necessitate certain technical details which are performed by the professionals. We have those professionals working for us so they can help clients like you.


Most frequent questions and answers

SSL (Secure socket layer) can be defined as a standard security technology that enables secure communication between a web server and a browser. SSL uses a combination of public key and private key encryption to protect sensitive information like credit card numbers, login credentials, email addresses, etc. green address bar ensure safe website browsing and online transactions.

Now a days, each website that accepts data from customer, E-Commerce Website must be provided with the SSL Certificate. Google Chrome marks non-SSL website as ‘NOT SECURE’.

The HTTPs cost is variable  as it depends on Certificate Type and Brand. The typical cost for HTTPs ranges from Rs. 500 to Rs. 90,000.

Yes we do provide SSL certificate installation purchased from our end.

Our technical Department will ensure to draft an email 30 days prior to the expiration.

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