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In this volatile world when things come and go in the blink of an eye, few things have, however, have never changed and PowerPoint presentation is one of them. From conference rooms to boardrooms to team meetings, PowerPoint presentations are a popular and important business tool in the corporate communication. It is mainly used in creating effective strategies, sketch business proposals, presenting reports, and many more.

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To win any meeting there is a secret mantra we usually use, by creating an exceptional presentation chances of you earning the business rises. We are one the best power point presentation company who provides effective and elegant PowerPoint presentation for every business. Our talented craftsman makes sure that the presentation is not just right, but it fulfils every aspect, and which can be easily byhearted while you are presenting it in front of the clients. Their precise writing never seems over exaggerating but digestible which helps to convey your message. Our PowerPoint presentation are carefully drafted by keeping an eye on the following key points:

  • Fresh content that supports your message and purpose of the presentation.
  • Connecting visuals with appropriate text to build a story throughout your presentation.
  • Soothing tone of the verbal language which keeps the audience connected.
  • Factual information, reports, flow charts, industry trends, etc. to add value and highlight your message
  • Essential takeaways that train the spotlight just after doing a recap
  • Detail oriented slides that satisfy the querries of the audience completely.


Most frequent questions and answers

We make a variety of PPTs based on the client’s requirements. We mainly focus on marketing PPTs, product centric PPTs and Corporate PPTs.

The number of slides, additional requirements such as videos/graphics, etc. impact the pricing. The price range for a PPT starts from Rs. 10000 and can go up to Rs. 45,000.

PowerPoint presentation can take up to 3 – 4 Business days, however it may exceed if the client requests for extra detailing.

Yes. We do provide an editable version copy so that you can make urgent changes at your end.

Yes, you can add a video to the PPT. However there are limitations, you can only add a video up to 3 GB.

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