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Since the ancient times people come up with innovative communication ideas which results in delivering important messages to the concerned person. Letters were the mostly used and trusted part of communication those days. We do love reading letters in 21st century too however we have digital platforms who can deliver our personal, promotional or any kind of messages to the concerned person, one of them is Emails. Emails is a vital need of communication in corporate living. We provide email servers for your business which fast, secured and efficient. We also make sure that the emails you receive are Trojan and spam free for the security of your digital platform. As the best Business Email Service provider in pune we are responsible for your smooth functioning of your business communications.

Vrending Media

As the best Digital Marketing Company in Pune who has worked and enhanced the businesses around the city, we know how important it is maintain a professional relationship with our customers. People trust you by looking at your professionalism in the work. The key element which binds all these factors is security. At Vrending security and transparency works hand in hand. We provide both VPS and dedicated hosting environments which fits your business and communication needs. We also provide following:

  • 24 hours Technical support.
  • Making sure the servers are free from Glitches and snags.
  • End to end encryption of data transmission.


Most frequent questions and answers

Yes we make sure that the emails you receive are virus free and spam free as our software cleans useless emails for security purpose.

Using a free email service such as Gmail, Rediff or Hotmail will not look effective for the image of the business. We provide customized email solutions that are cost-effective and reflect complete professionalism. will always look unprofessional when compared to

Yes you can our email solutions are compatible with popular email clients like Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express etc

Yes you can use certain trusted mobile apps on your smartphones.

Yes you will need a domain to buy our Email solutions. If you do not have a domain and still request for our email solution you can contact us we will share a diff strategy with you.

We do not support spamming and that is the main reason we do not allow bulk emailing. If in case any of the user is reported, actions like this can lead to detention of the service without any refund.

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