About the company

We are the young entrepreneur working together as a Digital
Marketing Agency.
We create website for our customers and provide
the Digital Marketing Services in Pune city. Social Media
is the new marketing giant as more than 75% of country’s youth is using these
platforms and connecting with each other with Social Networking Sites. So,
to step up our Business and increase the profits using these social media
platforms we are introducing Vrending the best Digital
Marketing Company
in Pune.

Major Objectives

Our Vision

To create a Transparent and Respectable Business with an innovative approach on every platform for every class

Mission to Chase

To help an organization to reach its true potential in the digital world and leave a major brand footprint behind.

We Focus On

Providing latest service trending the market at a minimal  cost and make sure the customer is satisfied for what he pays.

Accurate Target Traffic

We target the most potential customers who are interested in your product which increases the chances of sale by 200x

An Eye on the Market

We always keep an eye on the trending digital inventions and always implement them to boost our customer’s digital presence.


Most of the agencies charge a percentage spent on campaign, but we always charge a flat charge. Moreover everything stays with you.

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